Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Well, this last week Alfie, the new film, was released and we got some press publicity for the site http://www.reelstreets.com/ where we are starting to include details of the original Alfie locations, with Michael Caine, which used the streets in and around Kings Cross in north London, the same area as was used in the Ladykillers with Alec Guiness and Cry From the Streets with Max Bygraves.

Several people have already contacted me with further and better particulars of the film Alfie and its shooting sites, even a call from a Water Board employee, Mr White who was spraying a rain soaked set for three days filming.

Now that our new guests have seen the site they have also written in and advised on several other films, Darling, Piccadilly, and Chiswick, and Georgie Girl, Knightsbridge or was it the Brompton Road, and Belsize Park, being just two of them.

Goodnight Mr Tom was on UK TV last week, which I can’t record because I’m in the middle of Italy, but, on our TV during the last week we’ve had Privilege, which I missed, The Eagle Has Landed, Michael Caine again, and Michael Winner’s The Jokers, with Oliver Reed pinching the crown jewels, both of which I taped.

Eagle used locations in Norfolk, and Jokers, lots of London. Have you got a copy of Privilege or Goodnight Mr Tom that you’ll swop with me?