Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Georgy Girl - Brompton Rd or Kensington High St?

Peter Astair had identified several of the stills for Georgy Girl as Brompton Road but Roland-Francois Lack suggests another location...

I'm afraid I have doubts about Peter Astair's identification of your first few photographs with the Brompton Road. They are all Kensington High Street, I think.
In 1966, there was a Barratt's Shoe Shop at 135 Kensington High Street (your picture no. 1), a London Eating House at 108/110 Kensington High Street (picture no. 3), a Thomas Cook's at 104 Kensington High Street and a Harry Fenton's at 102 (both visible in your picture no. 4, with the 106 of the shop, a chemists, next to Thomas Cook's). Hope this is helpful.
Roland-Fran├žois Lack