Monday, February 28, 2005

The Long Memory

The Long Memory with John Mills
'The scene at night where the police and John Mills are waiting for the real culprit to come out of his house was filmed in Queen Street, Gravesend, Kent. The church that can be seen near to the river is St Andrew's Church. The house they are 'staking out' is on the western side of Queen Street and the real culprit makes a run from the house into Swan Yard or Market Lane (both have been built on and no longer exist).

The barges that John Mills' character lives on was filmed, I believe, at nearby Higham Marshes approximately at map reference TQ 705754

The police car speeding along the road was on the A226 Rochester Road between Chalk and Shorne, near Gravesend.

I am still trying to work out some of the other locations in The Long Memory I'm afraid I don't think have a copy of the film, it is usually on every couple of years or so on C4 or BBC2 in the afternoons, in fact it was on again three or four weeks ago. I will check the deepest recesses of my old videos to see if I still have it on tape from when I recorded it from the television.

It seems to have been filmed mostly in the Gravesend area, with a couple of London scenes in the docks around Tower Bridge.

I see from the site that you have 'The Eagle has landed' as being listed as filmed in Norfolk. I always understood that the watermill, church and village scenes were filmed at the Mapledurham Estate, near Reading, Berkshire'

~ David Pink