Friday, March 18, 2005

Ha'penny Breeze

Having invited friends all and sundry to log on to Reelstreets to see my "Otley" photos which you kindlyposted, I was browsing the unidentified lists when"Ha'penny Breeze" caught my eye. The short answer to its location would be "It's Pin Mill on the RiverOrwell in Suffolk - probably".The long answer is that in 1951 I was visiting my sister who lived in Harwich at the time. The (ratherevocative) theme music was on the radio and my sisterremarked that the film had been made somewhere up the River Orwell. Seeing the film mentioned on the sitemade me wonder whether a recording of the music was available. I started a Google search and initially came up with a mention of the film on with a note from someone saying that they had lived a few miles away from Pin Mill where the film was set. A couple of sites later I came across the Pin Mill Sailing Club site which intimated that they wereshowing "Ha'penny Breeze" in April at their meeting for new members. I put two and two together and may have got five - but then I was never very good at maths. Oh, and I found the original 78 rpm recording of the theme had been recently reissued by Guild Records aspart of a collection of light music of the 50s (GLCD5101). Bliss!
Regards. Alistair Taylor