Saturday, March 05, 2005

Yorkshire Locations

an email from Chris Phipps:

I was enthralled by the idea of your site, I frequently produce items on Yorkshire social history for Yorkshire /Tyne Tees tv and have long harboured the idea of devoting an item to vintage movies made in Yorkshire

I am anxious to view " A Boy a Girl and a Bike", as i am in touch with people who witnessed the filming in Wharfedale, I have 1 lobby card still from the film, how can i view the film, can you or someone supply a vhs copy, do cycling clubs still screen it ?

Other films which may interest you "One Man's Meat / One Mans Poison", starring Bette Davis , filmed near Settle and Wharfedale, she stayed at the Falcoln hotel in Settle.

The Turn of the Tide, based on Leo Walmsley book and shot on location at Robin Hood's Bay / Whitby starring Niall McGiniss, the first film ever financed by J Arthur Rnk and allegedly the 1st British location movie?

There was also a Robert Donat movie shot in Yorkshire too, hope this is is of interest to you.'

Chris Phipps