Friday, April 15, 2005

'Holiday Camp' (The Huggets) 1947

John & Brian,
Found your site yesterday, of great interest to myself and my colleague, as for several years we have taken students to London on residentials and in our free time visited locations of British films.

I can offer some further information on the 1947 film ‘Holiday Camp’ starring Jack Warner. The opening scene of the train arriving at the station was in fact filmed at Sandsend, just above Whitby in North Yorkshire.

Butlins Holiday camp at Filey had its own purpose built railway station, but this was a rather austere site, and was located a distance from the sea. I suppose Sandsend was chosen as the station was located on a ledge with the sea below, and had a nicer feel to it. The station itself was closed in 1958, but still survives virtually as it appears in the film and is now a private dwelling.

You can now walk along the trackbed of the old line, following the path the train took, as it now forms part of the Cleveland Way.

Hope this information is useful, keep up the good work.

David Bower