Saturday, April 16, 2005

Passport to Pimlico

Hi, Have just had a look at the photos for Passport to Pimlico.I lived in Centaur Street which was off Hercules Road, until1946/7.

Photo 2. Shows the railway bridge which is over the start ofCarlisle Lane at the junction with Hercules Road.

Photo 3. Is in Sail Street on opposite side of Lambeth Road,virtually where Hercules Road would continue into.Incidently the tall chimney in centre shot was the one remaining part of Fields Soap Factory which was bounded byCarlisle Lane, Royal Street and Upper Marsh (now flats).

Photo 4. Once again in Sail Street, the railway bridge isover Lambeth Road.

Photo 5. At Sail Street and Lambeth Road junction.Photo 10. As photo 5, railway bridge is over Lambeth Road.Photos 11, 12 & 12now. Definately NOT Hercules Road. Most likelyLambeth Road, although it could be Kennington Road.

The church spire (centre right) leads me to believe that the 'Lido' was probably the paddling pool in Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park(Bedlam Park), where the Imperial War Museum is situated.This would make it Lambeth Road.
Regards, Peter Mitson