Thursday, May 26, 2005


I took a few shots here on the Broadway outside New Scotland Yard, for File of the Golden Goose, and was nearly arrested! A police woman with a gun asked why I was taking photos of a post office, and said its a bit weird!!!...Police gone mad...I told her it was not an offence, she was not amused and asked where I lived, any id? Looked at the pics on my digital camera,.its a good job I`m easy going...crazy days....nearly arrested for taking a picture of an old post office.....I also told her Columbo was filmed there in the early 70`s...and I have taken pics there before....Kurt Roberts

What fun! I WAS arrested some years ago outside the Guards Barracks in Birdcage Walk for stopping my car to look at the Royal Marines parading in the GUARDS barracks. It was on the occasion of the memorial service to Lord Louis Mountbatten and the cops thought I was an Irish terrorist! But because of my military interest,, I was only concerned with the uniform details, and, after a good kick on the ankle, mine, not theirs, was later released.

Keep going, I'll send you a cake in prison with a hacksaw blade inside.