Saturday, May 28, 2005

Clouded Yellow etc.

Just discovered your interesting site and am working through bits of it.
The “Clouded Yellow” ends it is true with a scene in the Liverpool Docks with rare footage of the old Mersey Elevated railway (Liverpool like New York had its “El”) but it starts in London with a nice sequence of Trevor Howard driving along Kingsway into Lincolns Inn Fields and then parking at Old Square. There is then a long sequence in the Home Counties (unidentified) ending with a chase starting in Newcastle (excellent scenes of the Side and the great railway bridge over the Tyne) and across to the Lake District (Sour Milk Ghill) before coming down to Liverpool. Almost an advert for “Visit Britain”!

Do you have “The Small Back Room” (1949: Powell/Pressburger with David Farrar, Kathleen Byron)? Good opening sequence of blacked out London and other London scene, ending on Chesil Bank in a very powerful bomb disposal sequence with some good Dorset shots. Well worth a viewing.

Train of events: your street clips are all filmed behind Euston and in the streets between Chalk Farm and Kilburn (where Jack Warner as engine driver lives and whose garden backs on to the main line). I have always wondered about that enormous factory-cum-power station thing in your last still though.

The Astonished Heart: the station is Paddington with its taxi rank right inside the station by the old platform 9 now displaced by the Heathrow Express. I enclose a snap showing Brunel’s unmistakable iron tracery as seen behind Olive Soames (I think!) in your last still.
Fascinating but a terrible distraction from work!!!!

~ Simon Rainey