Monday, June 06, 2005

Billy Liar - Old Trafford!

With reference to the movie Billy Liar shots, Photo 24. I can confirm absolutely that the location is Old Trafford. I am one of the two people in the clip under the floodlight tower running towards a turnstile entrance gate. At the time we were students at UMIST in Manchester and about 50 of us were offered 30 shillings in the students union to perform as extras at Old Trafford one Wednesday afternoon. Most of our group constituted the back row of the terraces. (Top right of the clip). I and my friend were designated as 'late comers to the match' and had to run down to the turnstile entrances. Whilst we were running down there was a 'roar from the crowd' and Tom Courtney walked along the road behind us and make-believed the 'roar' was from the crowd at a Nuremburg rally saluting him'. ~ Andrew Spencer