Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Girl with Pistol

'Dear John (with thanks)
(Because I sent him a copy tape)

A first survey of UK locations in Monicelli's Girl with a Pistol (Ragazza con Pistola), featuring Monica Vitti, Stanley Baker, Anthony Booth, Corin Redgrave:

Edinburgh: Waverley Station, and various streets

Sheffield: the Steel, Peach and Tozer factory; various streets, a café, a club

Bath?: this is my guess for the town with the Crescent, and the implication is that the hospita ('St Paul's Hospital') is also there

The Severn Bridge (the old one, of course)

Cardiff Airport?: this is my guess for the departure point of the Cambrian Airlines flight to London

Brighton: waterfront, pier, hotels, ferry port (Newhaven?)


The Salisbury, the gay pub on St Martin's Lane, W.C.2 (also seen in Victim): Stanley Baker parks his car in St Martin's Court (illegally).

Trafalgar Square: authentic anti-US, Vietnam war demo, followed by staged demo with Vitti and Baker, that looks like it was shot in Lincoln's Inn Fields (I'll be checking soon).

Elephant and Castle, view of the big ugly metal thing in the middle (close to home for you, John) - [Once upon a time]

Quick (topographically flawed) cut to near the New King's Road, i.e. Waterford Road, S.W (legible street sign), where Vitti and Baker enter a restaurant near 'Lawrence's Scrap Metal Merchants' (not listed in the 1969 Kelly's Directory: perhaps a fake)

Royal Albert Hall, steps outside

Albert Bridge

view of Houses of Parliament from a modern, concrete walkway.

That's all for now.

(What a fabulous film, incidentally.)'

~ Roland-Francois Lack

.....................Now that's what I call
information..........Thanks......John Tunstill