Thursday, June 23, 2005


Just chanced across your fascinating site and I can assist with one of your unidentified locations. Most (if not all) of the outside shots in "Made" starring Carol White (and Roy Harper) are filmed in Charlton, South London, in the vicinity of The Valley football ground.
Hope that helps.

How kind of you to write, but "Made" I'd never heard of, and it's not listed in my Halliwell Guide. Thanks so much for the lead. Do you have a copy of the film? Do you have any other references to it? There is a bit on the IMDB, 1972, with the actors you name, but nothing about the locations. How do you know? What do you know?
Many thanks
John Tunstill


I'm afraid I don't have a copy of "Made" and I've seen it only the once, quite by chance on TV about 25 years ago. It contains a scene with Carol White pushing a baby in a pram in a panic and running from crowds of people, possibly leaving the football ground at Charlton (although I don't recall seeing the ground itself or the exit gates). At this point I realised where it was shot and was transfixed for the remainder of the film. The particularly recognisable streets in that scene are Floyd Road and (Charlton) Church Lane, London SE7. I live in the area hence my particular interest.

I live in hope that the NFT will show the film some day so that I can concentrate on it from the beginning. My other two "where on earth is that" films (Brandy For The Parson and Woman In A Dressing Gown) are also in the "Unidentified" list on your web site. I shall have to revisit Reel Streets now and then to see if they have been located. The dock scenes in Woman In A Dressing Gown are almost certainly the London Docklands but I'd love to find out where the brand spanking new block of flats in the opening shot is. And whether it's still standing.