Thursday, June 02, 2005

Passport Information

Your Passport to Pimlico photo No 8, is not Cosser Street,but looking from Lambeth Road down Lambeth Walk (,on the right would be the Lambeth Walk pub),to Wedgwood House, Lambeth Baths would have been on the right, which is now a doctors surgery. ..Micky Day

From Lambeth Road looking down Lambeth Walk, yes, I agree the Lambeth Walk pub is on the right, but I believe that the baths were on the left, at the bend in Lambeth Walk. The road in pic 8 seems to be a dead end or a sharp right turn. ~ John

Thanks for your reply. Sorry I made a mistake. Lambeth Baths is on the left. If you come along Lambeth Road from Lambeth Bridge and turn right by the Lambeth Walk pub into I think its called China Walk, at the bottom in front is Wedgwood House, the baths are on the left, and a sharp right into Lambeth Walk. I live in Cosser Street, and your photo No 8 is not it. I'll try and get a new photo done and send it on to you so you can see for yourself. I enjoyed your site,
Cheers Micky...

You see Micky, I need to watch you all the time!!!!!!

And I used to live in Kennington Road, at 36 and later at 44, where I had my
Soldier Shop, which then had a rear door to McAuley Close, the Estate off
Cosser Street. I actually stayed a couple of nights at the Days Inn Hotel,
Lambeth Road and Kennington Road in February. ~ John