Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Genevieve, The Jolly Woodman

Hello John,

I just found your website via Google, looking for pictures of The Jolly Woodman pub at Littleworth Common, which featured the film "Genevieve". I can help you with picture 23 - it's Hillingdon Road, Uxbridge, running alongside the RAF Station, not far from the junction with The Greenway. It's now dual carriageway and I can easily take a picture if you'd like one. I live about 18 miles away now, but at the time the film was shot I lived close by and I remember the roadworks well! My father took me to see the film in the early 50's and the actual car was on display in the Norman Reeves garage in Uxbridge High Street for a good few years.

Thanks for the website - I'm now going to explore it. Hopefully I might be able to help more because where I lived was close to Pinewood, Denham and Ealing studios

Best wishes, Peter Taylor