Friday, July 29, 2005


Hello film sleuths,

Summer is upon us, I'm on holiday until early September, as are my helpers. The site is going from strength to strength, and more "now" stills are coming in than I can cope with. So we won't be replying to many emails or loading many new films in the next six weeks. Sorry, but it is a "free and non-profit" site.

However, if you would like to become a regional helper, I'd be very pleased to have some support. As the site gets larger we can get advertising sponsorship, or even do the "book of the film", and, whilst we can't be seen to be making a profit, because of the copyright nature of the film stills that we put on the site, we are allowed to pay our expenses. I can therefore pay for the site hosting, I can buy films, I can pay staff, or helpers for their time and work or travelling expenses, and the use of their computers, video machines, printers, cameras, programmes etc etc etc, and also pay our webbies and techies. I can produce a book, or series of books, for use, or sale by, or in conjunction with, local tourist boards, offices or agencies; as long as we make no profit. We just pay our wages and expenses.

My helpers will receive from me copies of films shot in their areas, they will be required to link their computers to their VHS player, or DVD player, in order to obtain the stills, they then make the pictures in the correct size for passing onto Mike and Ruth, our techies. At the same time titles have to be produced to back up the pictures, probable locations, and background on the film and its actors etc.

Full details and requirements will be produced and sent to those interested.

Helpers, Regional Managers perhaps, will be expected to promote their own local films via local media, press, newspapers and journals, cinema and film clubs and societies, local history groups, libraries, universities etc etc, and try and obtain copies of the films on our wants list to enlarge the site even further. We'll send templates of the sort of information that newspapers, editors, clubs and societies want, and a basic "standard" article with local "hooks" to attract the attention of local editors.

For all of this, eventually, we will, hopefully, all get paid, our "expenses", as well, but, in the meantime we will have established ourselves as a worthwhile force of enthusiasts who are interested in the locations used in old British movies..............and why not bring in TV as well................if there is the help and enthusiasm available.

I, as many of you know live in Italy, I run a property business,, a luxury guest house,, have a collection of lead soldiers,, a collection of Italian postcards,, a website about Umbria, central Italy,, and a site about the English language and its curiosities,, so, quite apart from I keep fairly busy, hence my holiday coming up now.

Regional Managers could also take advantage of an annual gathering at La Preghiera, flights and accommodation, food and drink all hopefully all paid out of the Reel Streets income, once we start earning some money.

So, what do you think? Do you want to come aboard? Have you the time? Have you the interest? Have you the commitment? Hope so. Let's hear from you.

Best wishes from sunny Italy. A bit too sunny today, about 40 Celcius, 110 Farenheight or so!!!!!!

John Tunstill

PS. I'll be in England for about a month in August, and visiting a whole lot of film sites, so could meet up with anyone who wants to organise a film location hunting session, or talk about the possibility of YOU becoming the new Regional Manager for your area.

If we do organise meetings bring, wear or carry something YELLOW, so that we shouldn't have too much difficulty in recognising each other.