Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Rita Sue and Bob too

What about "Rita Sue and Bob Too"?
.................Yes, it's on the list thanks, but made 1986, and as we have a 20 year time lag it won't be entered until next year. Do you have a copy? Will you swop it for something?

Lots of real locations in this,- in fact until recently the Luna Radio cars was still there, Luna Radio cars was up Leeds Road in Bradford on the left going up the hill about half way up, also the council flats Bob Sue and Rita were filmed at were at Buttershaw, a rough estate in Bradford. Also the part in the film when Bob squares up to Sue's father is outside the flats in Buttershaw. Also has Baildon, Haworth main street and other parts of the Bradford district.
............and Halifax

The lady who played Sue's mum was Maureen Long who was previously, in real life, a prostitute and was attacked by Peter Sutcliffe, the Yorkshire Ripper, but survived the attack.
................What a lucky lady, or perhaps what an unlucky lady.

Mick, Bradford