Monday, July 18, 2005

Spring and Port Wine


Photo no.19 with Julie Christie making her cringeworthy entrance is actually Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester.
A few moments earlier in the film there is a tracking shot of Albert Square in Manchester as well.

Compliments on a great site
P.S. I have photos of Maryon Park used in Blow Up if you're interested although I don't know how to scan them

Would the pictures of Maryon Park used in Blow Up be included or does it have to be pictures of streets?

......................Parks and public buildings don't change very much, so real streets please.

I think I have some photos of the road outside the park and of the building that used to be the antiques shop (its now a disused former camping shop)

.....................yes, this would be interesting please, but all has now
gone and a new housing estate has taken its place.

I've noticed that you have quite a big page for Spring and Port Wine which I
saw on TV a few years ago.
The locations have been found but there are no new photos of the area. I live in the North West, would you like some photos of it?

......................yes indeedy.

Also I was in Bracknell recently and took photos of a location that was used in the Sean Connery film, 'The Offence'. I don't know if you would be interested in them as well.

...................1972, but didn't know it was Bracknell, yes please

I don't have a digital camera so I would need to scan photos and then send them to you.


When I scan a photo it is normally about 2Mb in size. Do you have any tips on how I can make them smaller and easier to email without losing a lot of picture quality?

.................try reducing the size of the scan file. Normally there is a button to choose black and white, text, colour print, colour photo etc etc, and nearby another button for file size, usually between about 70 and 300.
Try using a smaller file size, try 150, try 100, try 75 and view the results. Perhaps in photoshop or something similar.

In the Photo programme there should be a button for image size, try experimenting with a size of 480 pixels, or 72 dpi and a file size of about 100.

Look forward to your efforts
Best wishes, John