Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Frenzy info and a suggestion re Blind Date

Great website, I'd been trying to figure out where the dating agency was filmed in Frenzy for ages!

Took a stroll to your find yesterday - the 'Legends' sports shop is now closed and empty.

For interest only, you can get an overhead photo of the block which the dating agency was in by putting Legends postcode into and then selecting the aerial photo button and zoom in to 1:5000 (If you hover your mouse over the photo it overlays the current street atlas.)
Legends address:
19-121 Oxford Street,

It isn't particularly clear but shows (I think) that there is at least part of one alleyway still in the block bounded by Oxford Street/Wardour Street/Hollen Street/Great Chapel Street, but I don't think it is the main one at Legends which I think was 'Allens Court' judging by the following map. This is very old though so it could have had a name change (Hollen Street is listed as Holland Street).

As you will probably remember, Legends is quite close to the junction with Wardour Street. Walking round the block, I think only the blocks on Oxford Street (going back only a relatively short distance judging by where the old building ends on Wardour Street) and along Great Chapel Street are old. There is a large newish building that starts about 10 metres onto Wardour Street that runs right up to Hollen Street. The portion of Hollen Street behind Legends is also new, a loading bay for Legends with shutter doors that seems to correspond to what can be seen in the now empty shop from the Oxford Street side - this makes me think the whole "Allens Court' alley has gone.

I'm surprised how little info I can find on the internet about the alleys shown in the film seeing that they must have been closed off/demolished within the last 30 years or so.

Anyway, the original reason for Emailing was just to offer a suggestion (may be incorrect) re your Blind Date entry:
1. Thames Embankment, Hungerford and Waterloo Bridges in the distance, and also the South Bank shot tower,I think; around which Richard Widmark ran in “Night and the City”; and which I thought was demolished to make way for the South Bank / Festival Hall / Festival of Britain Exhibition in 1951, BUT, the film was made in 1959, so perhaps the shot tower was pulled down for the building of the Shell Centre, a bit later. Who can confirm?
Could it be Bankside power station (Tate Modern), rather than the shot tower?
It is located opposite St Pauls, between Blackfriars and Southwark bridges.
If I can get down to the Embankment at some point and find the right place to photograph it I will, but feel free to pose the question to others who may get opportunity before me!

Keep up the good work,


I'm sure you are correct about the Blind Date views, I live in central Italy, and moved out of London some 20 years ago, so my memory isn't refreshed often enough. Well spotted

Best wishes John Tunstill