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norman wisdom in straight role

Would you wish to add the film below to your site? (these details taken from a website). The location parts of the film were shot in Southport, Lancashire (hotel, fairground, streets, etc). I was a teenager in Southport at the time, and myself and several friends worked as extras, particularly for a 'hippy party' scene. I can dig up more stuff if you're interested

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Norman Wisdom What's Good For The Goose
- Sally Geeson, Terrence Alexander, Sarah Atkinson - 1969

Assistant Bank Manager Timothy Barlett's future changes when he meets hippy Nikki.

viewer's comments:

- A timid man's eyes are opened to the swinging sixties
If you can get over the shock of seeing Norman Wisdom playing someone other than Pitkin without the ill fitting suit and cap, then it's not as bad as you'd expect. The speeded up title sequence was a nice idea but unfortunately it goes on far too long and outstays it's welcome. Confusingly there's a credit attributing the singing of the theme to Norman himself, but that version is at the end of the film.

Simply, Norman plays a somewhat timid banker who has a fairly hum drum life, married with children. He ends up having to go to the executive conference held at a seaside resort. On the way he picks up two teenage girl hitchhikers who end up opening his eyes to the fun filled world of the late 1960's. There's visual appeal in the shape of Sally Geeson (sister of Judy) who once said the most embarrassing thing she ever did was the nude scene on the beach in this film.

For the genre, a lightweight swinging sixties comedy it's enjoyable. Features "The Pretty Things" in a psychedelic club scene. Groovy Man!

- Favourable!
I can fully understand why some people dislike this film when taken at face value, but from a personal point of view, I love it! As a huge fan of 60's culture, I think that it's a lovely "period piece", well in keeping with the times. The nightclub scenes are suitably groovy with the fabulous Pretty Things, whose appearance, while maybe not as dramatic as that by The Yardbirds in "Blow Up", is nonetheless highly entertaining. And of course, Sally Geeson is absolutely gorgeous (as ever!) Sarah Atkinson is rather tasty too!

I imagine that the two main categories of people that despise this film are "Old School" Norman Wisdom fans who expected him to be staggering around calling "Mr. Grimsdale!" and those who take exception to the non-moral stance concerning extra-marital affairs contained within the subtext of this film (let us not forget, this was the era of "Free Love"!) All the same, this flick does have a cult following, mainly consisting of Sally Geeson and Pretty Things fans. I qualify on both counts, so I suppose I am a little biased!

- This brings back lots of memories!
I remember this film being made as a little boy, so it always holds a place in my affection. I remember being surprised they took two days to film a scene that only lasted seconds in the final edit. i met Norman Wisdom and Sally Geeson on set and I still remember offering him a sweet and then signing his autograph.

All the family attended the premiere and I enjoyed it including the memorable theme tune. I don't suppose it will hold any interest to anybody anymore apart from the odd Norman Wisdom devotee in Albani (where I believe he was big!) and I can't say I've seen it in thirty years. From what I've read it wasn't regarded as a particularly good film by the critics. But, I would like to see it one more time if only to bring back the memories of that little boy I was in 1969.
Owen Christopher Keenan

Cast overview, first billed only:
Norman Wisdom .... Timothy Bartlett
Sally Geeson .... Nikki
Sarah Atkinson (I) .... Meg
Sally Bazely .... Margaret
Stuart Nichol .... Bank Manager
Derek Francis .... Harrington
Terence Alexander (I) .... Frisby
Paul Whitsun-Jones .... Clark
David Lodge (I) .... Porter
Karl Lanchbury .... Pete
Hilary Pritchard (II) .... Cashier in Discotheque
H.H. Goldsmith .... Policeman
Thelma Falls-Hand .... Bank Clerk
George Meaton .... Third Speaker
Duncan Taylor (I) .... Other Bank

Also Known As: Girl Trouble (1969)
Runtime: 105 min
Country: UK
Language: English
Color: Color (Eastmancolor)