Thursday, August 25, 2005

Some info re "The Italian Job"

Re The Italian Job.

The famous "I only asked you to blow the bloody doors off!" scene was shot in the grounds of Crystal Palace Park. In 1969 that section of the park was still used for motor racing and some of the gang's "rehearsals" were shot on the track. In one of the wide shots you can clearly see the landmark BBC transmitter which confirms the location.

The day it was shot, I was playing in my parents' back garden, which backed onto Ledrington Road, SE19. The sound of the explosion quite shook me, but it was only later, when I saw the film, that I realised what had caused it. I now live in Yorkshire, but perhaps someone armed with this knowledge and a still may be able to take that £10 shot.

Great site by the way!
Mike Fizio