Monday, September 12, 2005

The Family Way

The scenes both with Arthur and Jenny meeting at the Travel Agents & meeting the crowds when the coach fails to show and also the night scene on the steps where all filmed in Town Hall Square in Bolton. The flower shop is around the corner between Le Mans Crescent and Deansgate, also the bus drops off Jenny on her way to her uncles at the bottom of the steps leading to Grisdale Road where Spring and Port Wine was filmed. The front of the Fitton House is in Rochdale near to the football stadium also the Marriage guidance counsellors office is in Rochdale also. Jenny's residence is also in the Grisdale Road area of Bolton although I have not found the actual house as yet. The gasworks (the scene that Mr Fitton walks down a cobbled street and through the gates) are Bolton gasworks near Chorley Old Road in Bolton although the gates are now bricked up it is still very similar today.