Monday, September 19, 2005

Hue and Cry

When looking at search results for Victorian London I spotted early photo of Farringdon St taken from Ludgate Circus and there halfway mid distance right righthand side is your tower; tower, which tower, which film, which still number? We've got about 50 films up on site, and each, on average has 15 shots, some 750 in total, so, please, give me a clue to which, what, when and where.

of that I'm sure.

...................If only I could be.

Could it be that he's standing in Farringdon Ave or Holborn Place?

................He? He who Fred?

Fred Start

I apologize:not concentrating. Harry Fowler,film 'Hue and Cry' and endeavouring to answer your caption question "Is it Tower Bridge

Picture 11, absolutely it still there I wonder. Exceedingly well spotted.
Thanks John