Monday, September 12, 2005

Kind of Loving

The hospital used in a Kind of Loving internally and externally is Blackburn Royal Infirmary on Bolton Road in Blackburn which is still identical today although is closing during 2006 to be hopefully changed into flats, also the footbridge which Vic Brown walks over was I believe in Bolton (Johnson Street Footbridge) but was demolished in 1980.

The factory where Vic Brown works (Dawson Whitakers) is located on Phillips Park Road in Blackburn it was called Mullards and made valves for radio sets at the time of filming, (some interior scenes were also filmed here) it is still there now but the factory has been broken up into smaller units now. The bus that Vic travels home on was a Blackburn Corporation vehicle and was brand new at the time of filming. The shopping centre is Millers Arcade in Preston which is identical today.