Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Dear Mr Tunstill

Watching Diana Coupland on UK tv tonight led me to think of "Spring and Port Wine" which in turn led me to your marvellous site (through Google).

May I add some information relating to two scottish based films?

Street scenes in Battle of the Sexes were filmed mainly in Edinburgh. the early scenes show Peter Sellers skulking about staircases off the Royal Mile and in the "New Town". I recorded the film from TV months ago but could kick myself for not keeping it!

You`re only young Twice ( with a very young Ronnie Corbett) had scenes shot in the cloisters of Glasgow University and in the main University staircase.

These films usually pop up on weekday afternoons so I`m sure to see them again.

What a wonderful site you have.

David Millar