Friday, September 09, 2005

violent playground, GERARD GARDENS

Violent Playground

Hello have just noticed photo of Stanley Baker sitting on camera with flats in background "holy block", myself and other residents from Gerard Gardens and Crescent now live on exact spot where this picture was taken, my aunt was 1st child born in Gerard Gardens after they opened, my wife is on front cover of book,

........................which book???

photo taken outside big arch entrance with all children in scruffy clothing, she is little girl at front of picture just to left looking direct at camera, she hasn't changed a bit, can give you more info + photos if you are interested. I there snow in Alaska? Yes, Yes, YES.........please!!!!

Thank You. Gerard F.

.......and thank you too Gerard............are you named after the Gardens, or they after you?

I am actually named after a local street that used to be in the "little Italy"area before Gerard Gardens was built, Gerard Street, my Mother, Margaret Gaskill (PEGGY) was brought up there, they later moved into Gerard Gardens, outside Gerard Gardens on Christian Street there was a Public House called The Pontack (something to do with Grapevine i believe), my Mam had this Pub from about 1968 till about 1985, she was the longest serving tenant to have this Pub, and she became affectionately known as Peggy Pontack. This is the only building still standing, it is now a Detective Agency believe it or not, (would have been very handy back in them days) don't know why anyone would want Detective Agency there, the area really is a very quiet modern housing estates where Gerard Gardens and Gerard Crescent used to be.

Before taking " THE PONNIE" she was also barmaid in many local pubs including The "Morning Star" which Stanley Baker might have been looking at in the photo on the site and where i now live. It was about 100 yards from where he was sitting, I myself moved out of The Ponnie in 1977 when i got married to Kathleen, we moved into 25d Gerard Gardens and were there until they were demolished in 1986, she did not have to move far, from 16b to 25d. We had 2 sons in The Gardens, Gerard and Michael, both of them went to Bishop Goss (ST JOSEPHS) and Campion Schools,the eldest Gerard is into music in a big way and is well known on the Liverpool music scene, he is qualified Music Teacher having done 3 years at L.I.P.A (NOT BAD FOR A LITTLE GERARD GARDENS RAGARSE) and has actually been back to teach kids in his old school Campion, Michael is parts Manager in big car dealership. They both grew up playing in Gerard Gardens along with lots of other clever and intelligent kids, Gerard Gardens was nothing like Violent Playground, it was a very welcoming and friendly place. The book my wife is on is called AINSCOUGH'S LIVERPOOL, PHOTOGRAPHS BY HARRY AINSCOUGH, IF YOU CANT GET HOLD OF IT LET ME KNOW AND I WILL GET ONE FOR YOU.

If you would like me to send any photos please via EMAIL let me know how to do it, i have digital camera and can store images off memory card but hav,nt got a clue how to send them. I dont really want to send these old photos through post in case they get damaged. I dont mind taking photos of the area now and sending them to you, is there any particular areas you want up to date snaps of, the Ponnie, detective agency, anywhere else in Liverpool, Ringos house is being demolished soon!!

Its been great getting to know you a little bit , if I can be of any more assistance please get back in touch.


What wonderful memories, thank you so much for sharing them.

Can you get the front cover of the book scanned, an email internet cafe will probably help you, and the scan sent as an email attachment?

Have you got a copy of the film? I've never seen it so I don't know the images I want, I'll send your letter on to the other person interested in the film and perhaps you can all link up. And remember I pay £10.00 for each Reel Street identified and photographed.

Thank you again
Best wishes