Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Huggett films

Hi from Australia,

Firstly many thanks for your excellent website.

For many years I have often wondered where the family house used in the Huggett films of the late 1940's was situated.Location footage of the house was shown in the films "Here Come The Huggett's" and "Vote For Huggett".

I recently was able to contact Mr.Ken Annakin who directed those films.He is now in his nineties.
He was able to tell me that the Huggett house exterior scene's were filmed in a street very near to the old Islington Film Studio's.The studio's were situated in Poole Street, Islington.
Unfortunately Mr.Annakin could not remember the exact name of the street used.He has offered though to check his notes for that time and get back to me if he has further information.

It would be nice to track down the exact Huggett street and discover whether any of the old houses are still standing.
If I do receive any further info I will pass it onto you.

Martin New.