Friday, October 07, 2005

Reelstreets Article

Hello John,

Thoroughly enjoyed the read, excellent stuff. I remember sitting in the one and nine's (one shilling and nine pence) with a Kiora and box of Maltesers, then Butterkist popcorn came out. Coming home from school and buying a Jubbly, then on the other hand I saw Jimi Hendrix for two shillings and sixpence, my pocket money at the time!

I used to go to the cinema at least twice a week, the chap I was going out with was a local journalist and he had a free pass to the 3 cinemas in Eltham (Odeon/Gaumont/ABC), and you got two films for yer money (A & B, and very often the B film was better than the A film) as well as Pathe News...I've seen some weird one's at that! Watching the Beatles Hard Days Night, I think I was the only person not standing on my seat screaming!

Hope you get some good feedback from it.
Kind Regards
Ace Cafe London