Friday, October 07, 2005

Reelstreets Article

Thankyou Jon for a very interesting article. My only claim to fame is that in the late 70's early 80's, i worked for an "audio visual" company in london's regent park. So what! i hear you say, well i was appointed to role of assistant to our new film director, one Roy Ward Baker! As you can imagine i was terribly excited , after all this was the man who not only gave us "the saint,the avengers,department s" but also was one of the most prolific directors of Hammer Horror Films. Roy was a very pleasent man to work with and would often take centre stage regailing stories of his many travels thru the world of film & tv. Sadly the company folded within about 18 months and roy and i went our seperate ways. I know that in the early 90's Roy wrote a book, 'The Director's Cut" which i bought and it contains many amusing anecdotes.
Well thankyou again for the article and if you produce any more of the same i shall be happy to receive them,
Regards, Ollie Walsh.