Wednesday, November 16, 2005

children of the damned

Hi John

It is Black Prince Road, London , SE11. off of Albert Embankment.

................(David is referring to Pic 4, Children of the Damned, and we've answered more than 80 emails since he wrote in two days ago..............I wonder how we do it!)

As you turn into Black Prince Road from Albert Embankment after about 100 yards on the left is South Bank House. The shot is taken from virtually opposite the entrance to South Bank House, which is visible on left hand side in the photo. Not sure what the building was then but its a multi office suite now with lots of companies. My wife and I used to have a small business in the mid 80's based in that building.

...............just the stuff we want. Well done!

Maybe you know someone who lives close by to take photo and next time I am up that way I will try to take a shot myself.

..............well, as ever, it's open season on photos, first come first gets the prize, early birds and worms etc. But you'd be really surprised at how many offers I get from folk who have information, photos, reminiscences, live near a reel street etc etc, but never actually come up with the goods. But you've come up trumps with this address. I used to live in the area, Kennington Road, near Passport to Pimlico site, but couldn't identify this pic from "Children"

I was going through the films on your site and though you dont have any stills from Half a Sixpence the opening sequence which features a view to a church is Aylesford in Kent taken from south of the River Medway, which cuts through the village, there is shot of the ancient bridge not long closed to traffic but still open to pedestrians.

..............can you do me a copy of the film, if you have one, and I can swop it for something else. Can't actually BUY it because of piracy laws etc.

I can take a photo if you want as its not far from me, I live in Maidstone.

...........excellent stuff, yes please, but do look at the techie requirements on our home page please.

I must compliment your site,

..........thankyou, most kind

I really enjoy trying to work out locations which drives my family mad especially as I have Sky+ .

.........surely some of our greatest pleasures must come from causing our nearest and dearest aggravation!

Anyway hope above helps.
David Burns

..........yes indeed, thanks David best wishes John