Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Constant Husband Photo 18

Hi John
Going through the films and came across number 18 in Constant Husband,

the shot of the lady sitting in the car is taken in Grosvenor Road SW1, just west of the junction with Claverton Street, looking across to the cranes which unloaded coal for Battersea Power Station, believe they are still there. The bridge in the background is Grosvenor Railway Bridge ( Victoria Station).

............yes, I'm sure you're correct

The modern day photo is taken from Millbank looking across to Albert Embankment.

...........yes, quite right

I dont have photo but trust me on this one.

..........have I doubted you before?

Sorry if it dampens someone fire but I thought it right to point it out.
David Burns fires dampened, but I paid a tenner in error. Hey ho, the pleasures of being the webmaster and paymaster. BUT I'd always rather be corrected than leave a false trail

........thanks again, and we'll blog the letter and get my techie to take away the incorrect photo