Thursday, November 03, 2005

Dam Busters

Dear Sir/Madam

The photos you have of the dam depict the twin towers of the Derwent dam in the Derbyshire Peak District. It was photographed in the summer of 1954, during the making of the film, probably from the camera aircraft (an RAF Vickers Varsity on loan to ABPC), by either Erwin Hillier (director of photography), or more likely by Gilbert Taylor (special effects photographer). You can just see the Lancaster disappearing over the top of the wall.

It shows one of the training phase in England with dummy bouncing bombs, leading up to the actual dams raid itself.

The aircraft is Lancaster Mk VII, NX782, the only one of the four Lancs used in the film to be retained in its original configuration, and not converted to resemble a ‘dam buster’ Lanc.

If you need any more information can I refer you to my recently published book, Filming The Dam Busters (£20, Sutton, 2005).


Jonathan Falconer Senior Commissioning Editor - Aviation & Military Titles