Wednesday, November 16, 2005

A Kid for Two Farthings

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Can you please clarify something for me? What has happened to the end of street house belonging to Mrs Wilberforce as featured in Ladykillers? Where exactly was it located?
Pic 7 is the view from where the house was supposed to be, and pic 11, coming shortly to this screen, is the tunnel entrance behind the house, the set.

..............also somewhere on the Blog are more references to the film and the sites
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Wednesday April 13 2005

In the 1950s, a film was made set in the East End called A Kid for Two Farthings.

............yes, listed under categories London E - L

It starred Diana Dors and also featured the Italian boxer Primo Carnera. There were a lot of outside scenes and in that repect, it was similar to Passport to Pimlico. It appears to have been set in Petticoat Lane, though its hard to tell because of extensive bomb damage.

............yes Petticoat Land, Algate East etc.

Just wondered if you have any knowledge of this film and want to add it to your list!

...............yes it is there under categories, London E-L, and is one of more than a hundred and fifty films waiting to go up on site, when they have been viewed, individual scenes selected, brightness, contrast and size adjusted, titles written, entered onto the site, "now" photos collected, viewers queries answered, cheques written, and despatched..............etc, etc, etc. In my spare time I attempt to run the other half dozen web sites, build houses, run a lead soldier business, a postcard business and a luxury country house. On my days off I start the whole process again! During the month of December, January and February I am offering a return flight, collection/delivery, and a week's board and lodging in Umbria to a competant film sleuth who is willing to devote eight hours each day working on the computer to help with the above tasks. Maybe you are he?

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