Sunday, November 27, 2005

Passport to Pimlico


Did you know also that Genevieve was filmed in the same area?
Westminster Bridge was used in numerous pictures and, of course, Frenzy started off at the GLC headquarters and File of the Golden Goose was done in The Cut, or Lower Marsh to give it its proper title.

Its a funny thing, but I didn't realise you had covered Passport to Pimlico till after I had sent the email and I'd studied the site a bit more.

I found your site today as someone had linked to one my photo's on one of The Sweeney bulletin boards. Episode called Hunter/Hunted might have been filmed in pre Canary Wharf Docklands, so I'm going to get a copy of the episode and check it out.

Another Ealing film I'm interested in is "Hue and Cry" set in Shadwell but filmed all over the place I suspect.