Tuesday, November 08, 2005

a taste of honey

Hi John

I have'nt forgotten you. I will send you some things on the above film shortly. Quite by chance I came across a liverpool shot film "Dangerous Youth" aka These Dangerous Years ,1957 on the net. Some nice shots of my homecity but looks suspiciously like tv film. By the way Violent Payground 1956 was shot in Liverpool as your site rightly says. However the main domestic scenes were shot at GERARD GARDENS not Gerard Crescent as you claim. Gerard Gardens was a very famous tenemant building near the city centre,it was demolished in the late 1970s, it was based on the workers flats in Vienna.Also THANK A FOOL was partly filmed in North Liverpool with views over to New Brighton and it's famous Tower Ballroom fairground.As the film was made in 1961/62 it's even possible The Beatles were playing the Tower Ballroom that evening!!

I'll be in touch shortly