Wednesday, December 21, 2005

christmas regards

hey john..merry christmas there in italy....enclosed is a pic from the last routemaster day in december,terrible!!!...whats occuring on the site,not too many updates recently??...ciao...kurt


And merry Xmas to you too, last of the Routmasters, Hey Ho! You could start a page on our site devoted to old buses in films.

Not many updates? Actually over three hundred small changes, corrections and additions to ReelStreets during the last couple of weeks. Railway Children now up, and another 6 films coming in the next two /three weeks. But, at the same time I have
a property business to run,,
a country house to see to,
lead soldiers to sort out,,
postcards to sell,,
Umbrian anecdotes to collect,,
the British language to organise,,
so I have plenty to occupy myself

Best wishes