Friday, December 30, 2005

Film - Hue and Cry

Fascinating website!

Photo number 11 in the section on the film Hue and Cry shows Harry Fowler leaning against a wall. The tower in the background is not Tower Bridge, but was the Congregational Memorial Hall on Farringdon Street. It was situated on the east side of Farringdon Street, about 100 yards north of Ludgate Circus. (This is very close to Holborn Viaduct where other images were taken).

Its claim to fame was as the place where the labour Party was founded in 1900! It was demolished in 1969.

I guess that in your still from the film Harry Fowler was standing in Shoe Lane close to the junction with Stonecutter Street. Much of that area was bombed during the war.

You can see a photo of the Hall here:

and a map of its location here: