Thursday, December 22, 2005

genevieve picture 24

Hi John
Yes my name is Janet
Sorry - but it was late at night - we had watched the movie(again) and both exclaimed -that is Uxbridge High Street! I went on the net to find pictures of the De Burgh Arms and found your web site. We have been to Uxbridge- about 2 years ago- and it has changed dramatically.
We both come from the area - Iver and Yiewsley- and Uxbridge was the magnet for young people back then. We have lived in Australia for 41 years so the movie is a real step back in time for us. I can remember the excitement when the De Burgh Arms and Peoples Cafe scenes were being filmed.I lived in Yiewsley and went to school on the train so I passed that area every day for years and the day the film crew were there - filming had finished for the day by the time I passed- it was a good talking point.
I also worked later at an office in Uxbridge and went past the ironmongers in Chapel Street every day and of course used the market.
The bus - 223 -used to go past the old airforce base in Hillingdon and I can remember the road being up for ages.I think the fence on the left of the single decker 223 - later changed to a double decker on that route -is that around the old air force base which was home to "the Yanks"for quite a while after the war.
Genevieve is a film we have watched over and over and despite a lot of impossible routes to Brighton we love it. We have even cycled past the Staines reservoirs and seem to remember a garage along that road but whether it was the one in the movie I don't know.Merrimans was definitely there.
Janet a.k.a. Jan:)