Sunday, December 25, 2005

Great site!


I chanced upon your site this morning when I searched for Pride and Clarke – the line of red shops in Blow Up, my favourite flick..

..............and they say in the book "Your Face Here" that the shops were in Woolwich and were especially sprayed for the film. But we know better, don't we.

Great site, guys. Thank you.

.............and thank you for taking the time to tell us so.

I noticed you say the IMDB won’t link with you, and it’s clearly their loss.

.........I think so

I’ve just started an unofficial site and pdf on The Stranglers, and their manager won’t link with me either! C’est la vie…

...........jealousy, I like to think

BTW there’s a small section on my site regarding Blow Up you may be interested in, as the park was in a Stranglers promo.

............the Stranglers are, were? a pop group? Not a group of south east London thuggies. So a little link is in order.

But the main reason I write is this: Quatermass underground was a film set. My dad’s company had bought the MGM studios at Elstree, and we had the chance to have a look. Must have been late 70s. We chanced upon the film sets, and the last film shot there must have been Quatermass in 1967 as I recognised it on TV from the snaps I took on the day.. .

............have you still got the snaps? They'll be of interest to someone, and we can always blog them, and we'll blog this letter

Keep up the good work – you have a great site.

.............thanks again wishes
John Tunstill