Friday, December 23, 2005

Life at the top

Dear John, I was interested to see your web site of your interest in Life at the top. I have a keen interest in the film myself, as, when I was 24 years old I spent two days working as an extra in Bradford. I spent one day in the Wool exchange with Lawrence Harvey & Honor Blackman. The second day was in the Bradford Town Hall with Lawrence Harvey & Donald Wolfit, of which I have a photo that was taken by a local newspaper during rehearsal with Mr Harvey in the foreground and myself looking bored in the background.

..............send us a copy and we'll put that on the blog as well.

I have only seen the film twice, and the first time I did not see myself, but the second viewing at the Bradford Film Festival I was able to identify myself quite easily in the Wool Exchange. I do not collect films, so I would not be able to make any swaps but would be interested if you could bring yourself to part with it for a sale.

...........I cannot sell copies as I would leave myself open to accusations of piracy. Copies I can "swop". See if you can find something in a local second hand/ charity/ video shop to swop, or make a copy off TV and we're in business. My wants list attached. And what about our advertisers................try them
, wishes
.......John Tunstill