Friday, December 16, 2005

The Little Ones

Incidentally, "The Little Ones" was set in London;

Date? Actors? Reference? Details, please

1965 ( UK ) 66 minutes

Jim O'Connolly ,
James P. O'Connolly
Kim Smith
Dudley Foster,
Derek Newark,
Jean Marlow,
Ken Jones

In this drama, two boys from London--one an abused child, and the other, the son of a neglectful hooker--attempt to board a Jamaica bound ship in order to escape their miserable lives. It is on the exotic island that one of the boys' father is said to live.
They get passage by stealing a suitcase from a nearby Rolls belonging to a shipping magnate. They are unfortunately, caught, lectured and sent home. Their one hope is that the fellow informed them that thereare many ships leaving from Jamaica.