Saturday, December 17, 2005

Re: Location from the film 'Jubilee'

Hello John,
I've just found your website and think it's fantastic.A lovely idea and great for film buffs and local historians everywhere!


I'm very pleased to be able to add my two-pennorth aswell. too

As I was flicking through the film stills from 'Jubilee' last night I spotted a well known 'old' garden from Rotherhithe. It is at 364, Rotherhithe Street, Rotherhithe, London SE16. It was well known because it was crammed full of gnomes, plaster birds,plaster animals, plastic flowers and all sorts of plastic toys covering every inch.Kids used to love stopping off to look over the fence. I went there today to take a photo and sadly most of the plastic menagerie has now gone although the present owners seem to be reviving it modestly for Christmas!.

I hope the photo is useful to you, I'm eager to see if there are any others nearby.I've a feeling a number of the wharf building shots were from Butlers Wharf near Tower bridge.
I'm happy to let you have the photo for nothing but would like a mention if you use it.
Richard Avison. Rotherhithe,London

.............excellent photo, and well composed, and a kind gesture with regard to the waiving of the fee. I give the money to a local charity who are building flats to accomodate parents from all over Italy whilst they are visiting/staying with their children in a local cancer hospital, in Perugia. And every little helps. The charity is called "Daniele Chianelli" - Perugia.

I'll mention your generosity, and publish your letter on the blog. I'll also give you a year's subscription to the site, as it will be a pay site in about 3 weeks time.

Very best wishes and good luck in finding more locations,

Thanks again for your kindness and interest.
Best wishes
John Tunstill