Sunday, December 11, 2005


Frankly, I've so much to say, that I find it very difficult to know where to start - but here goes...

What struck me most about ReelStreets was its curious profusion of "Liverpool or Manchesters"...! This is noticable with regard to movies set in or around Liverpool, especially when a conveniently lengthy period of time has elapsed since their original release...!!!

ergo: like "These Dangerous Years," for example; or "Beyond This Place;" both films set entirely in Liverpool - with Manchester not even mentioned in their original screenplays. Just imagine giving Manchester's own, "Hell is a City" similar treatment - its locations still, quite rightly, atributed to Manchester, but with the superfluous addition of - "or Liverpool...???"

With all due respect to you, John, Manchester's estimated movie coverage seems far from "fair." To my mind, your reports of that city's movie representation (pre-1990) are barely reasonable - (at best...!) - and often appear greatly exaggerated. Indeed, I strongly suspect the 'Greater Manchester Media Machine' of beavering away, re-writing history to match it's own delusions of grandeur. The urban settings of almost any "Northern" film appear, as ever, open to this 'GMMM' automatically deeming it 'safe' to presume that its location - (no doubt, like that of virtually every other remotely worthwhile occurrence on the planet) - must lie somewhere within 'Greater' Mancunia...

Incidentally, "The Little Ones" was set in London; and "The Key" in Plymouth.
Sincerely John Jay