Friday, December 30, 2005

Spring and Port wine

Very interesting web site you have.

Just a quick message on the film 'Spring and port wine, at the time it was shot in Bolton Lancashire, I was the projectionist at the ABC cinema on Churchgate in Bolton (you can just see the ABC behind the bus at the back of the land Rover shot, the Land Rover, by the way, was on a trailer. Every night after we closed the doors to the public, we would run the 'rushes' of the days shoot for Mike Medwin etc. We would receive a payment in hand for the hour or so's extra work.

Just on a funny point, the TV that was taken from the house in the film, originally the TV van was loaned from a local TV and radio rental firm 'DER TV and Radio Rental' at the rushes that night a director of the firm withdrew permission to us 'his' van as it was a repossession of a TV and would be bad publicity, so the name was changed to 'Mick Win' (Michael Medwin) and had to be shot again.

Joe Bradshaw.