Thursday, January 26, 2006

britmovie info website

Dear John,
Thank you for your reelstreets update. I wonder if the following might interest you? I have a web site now which is devoted mainly to early British cinema.

...........of course its of interest. Why didn't you tell us sooner?

However, among the pages so far published is an index of British film player's home addresses circa 1933...

...........what fun!

Whether or not it might help your site, I know not, but you are more than welcome to browse. anorak's paradise!

The site is also a member of as "Chronicles Of The Cinema.", and I am looking for other sites to join this ring.
The other thing I would like is to associated with other, and similar sites via Links.

........are you inviting us in? If so, thankyou, and yes please. Consider it

And finally, I have a book "Meet The Filmstars", 1934-35, within which there are several location pictures from "Sing As We Go" with some useful background detail. Any use to you?
Best wishes, Ken.

..........yes please, can you scan them?