Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Great Site

Hi John,
What a magic site! I co-wrote "Your Face Here -British Cult Movies Since the 1960's"

.............yes, I've read it. Congratulations. However, you were led up the garden path about rows of shops being painted red, just for the film, they were in Brixton, Stockwell Road, and some recent pics appear under Blow Up

and so did heaps of research on the locations of many of the films you've mentioned on your site. I just love location finding- god knows why, but when you're there, the film comes to life.

...........it's the same tingle for all of us. That's why we do it.

My favourite film happens to be "Up the Junction" and I have most of the locations.

.........send 'em in. We pay for them, see our Submission Rules for techie specs..

Has anyone else done a piece on "Junction's" filmic history. Perhaps someone will rise to the challenge.

.........no-one so far, perhaps you? We're struggling to get Derek Pike's article up on site at the moment for several well known films, so a contribution from you would be well received. Perhaps you could start a new topic on our message board.

I'm afraid to say I did a location tour to Teignmouth in Devon for the Norman Wisdom film "Press for TIme"(it just looks so pretty)

..........don't be afraid, you're among friends. Anoraks of the World Unite!
So there we go- be nice to catch up at some point
Simon Wells

..........thanks Simon, we'll blog your letter
Best wishes
John Tunstill