Friday, January 13, 2006

I thank a fool

Hi John

I bought a copy of "I thank a fool" just to see the scene at New Brighton Tower where they filmed the fairground scene.

............not seen this film can you make me a copy for something I can
swop you?

Try as I might, I couldn't get my mug on it but my cousin did for a second or two.

...........hrmph! these cousins

Susan Hayward actually gave me a hot dog because she put too much tomato sauce on it and me being a young scally wag would eat more or less anything in those days. My only claim to fame.

..........but what a claim!

I got the dvd from who list some other films made on Merseyside. It is only a copy from the TCM channel unfortunately but you are welcome to a copy of that if you want it. I can copy to dvd quite easily but the quality is not fantastic. Let me know plus an address
to send it to if you want it.

...........yes please, that would be most kind. John Tunstill, La
Preghiera, Calzolaro, 06018 PG, Italia. What can I send you in return?

"The Magnet" fascinates me because there are so many locations on it that
I know. New Brighton baths for the Miss New Brighton scenes. Palace
amusements and indoor fairground etc. I think some must have been shot on
the old Egremont pier which I never knew as it was pulled down when I was
tiny. Mersey tunnel features plus various locations in Liverpool that I am
unsure about.

............Yes, I've got the film, together with about 200 others, all
patiently waiting to be put up on site.

I always laugh because it has the kid running down an alleyway and coming out the other end. The only thing is that they are about a mile apart or so.

...........Yes, Marc Maitland was just saying the same thing about

I will email you a photo taken in 1962 of the fairground with pier in back ground which also featured in the film. It is not my copyright so please don't reproduce it. I was given a copy by the man who took it and I wouldn't like to abuse his trust.

.........This arrived, thanks, but I'll not put it on site