Friday, January 06, 2006

infomation about film blow up

hello, i lived in the street princes place were the film blowup, was made. My father worked for John Cowan the guy who owned the studio at the top of princes place. The pictures are as follows

9 and 10 are pottery lane
11 was a public house called the Zetland
33 are pottery lane from the other direction, at the end of the you can see the Zetland pub, the trees in the middle of the picture is the park, and to the right at the end was the catholic church.
34 is Pottery Lane on the left before the phone box is the Catholic church, and on the right was the Zetland pub.
35, yes again its pottery lane, the big black number 39 on the door was taken from outside the studio in princes place, i was with my father when he took it and put it on the door in Pottery Lane.

The white trousers that David Hemmings is wearing in the film i have a pair of them, How this came about was after filming a lot of the children who lived in the street Princes Place had home made Gokarts. alot of the crew including David Hemmings used to have a go on these Gokarts, David Hemming went too fast fell off, on a lot of dirt and oil so my dad gave him a pair of his trousers to wear.

Theres loads more info and bits about the film i can tell you , please contact if i can help at all.
bye for now from Christine