Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Dear John,

I am, to round off the evening, sending my captures (from DVD - which I did over the week-end) from "The Lavender Hill Mob".

................but surely, you lot always give the impression that you spend all your time preparing cases...........not messing about with old films

How that area has now changed beyond all recognition. The church spires remain, so that will give a point of reference, but those long vistas allowed by huge cleared bombsites have long gone!

............but the stills you've captured will show these huge changes, what the site is all about

Some of the scenes show Sydney Tafler - a great character actor, who my mother treated when he had cancer in the early 1980s - despite his terminal illness and all the pain he was in, he was still kind enough to give her an autographed card for me, something I treasure. Alec Guinness is, I think, my favourite actor of all time, and this film is certainly amongst my "top 10".

..........he was also in Passport to Pimlico and many others

.........and John Slater, who also was another popular supporting actor used to bring his clothes to be cleaned in our family Dyers and Cleaners in North London, near where as a small child I, being pushed in my pram by my mother was attacked and machine gunned by a passing hun aeroplane!

........Went back a couple of weeks ago and the repaired bullet holes are still visible in the building that used to be Barclays Bank, corner of Friern Barnet Road and Station Road New Southgate N 11.....and now a fashionable wine that really is real streets for you! Pics attached, me as a child of three or so, with my Grandpa, in Friern Barnet Road, New Southgate, The Avenue is in the background

.........Seig Heil

Goodnight, finally!