Sunday, January 01, 2006

location: millions like us

The pier in Millions Like Us is Eastbourne (I lived there 1851-1969,

...................I hope that's a typo!!! 1851 was about the time of the Crimean War!

and was there earlier this year - but as I'm in Australia I can't send a photo). You can see the gap in the pier created to stop it being used for invasion. that's serious sleuthing, thanks, we'll blog it.

The seafront shot (3/4) is almost certainly Eastbourne also - there was a corner bulding destroyed by a WW2 bomb (in foreground) - since replaced by a 1960s/70s building. I think the photo is taken from the Carpet Gardens, just West of the pier head.

...........really good location clues, thanks again

You can see the seafront gradually rsing into the distance, with a vague shape of the downs leading up to Beachy Head in the background.


The top photo (1) may well also be Eastbourne - there is a similar bow-fronted terrace in the street leading up to the pier from the town (it's the extension of Terminus Road, but may have a different name). I don't recall there being a bomb-destroyed building on the corner here, but that might just be a memory gap.

..........but it's sure to get the locals moving
..........Happy New Year
John Tunstill

Mike Scott