Thursday, January 12, 2006


You have listed in the North of England "Thank a fool". It was actually called "I thank a fool" and filmed in Liverpool and on the Wirral. I saw it being made in 1962 and have just obtained a copy.

............we'll change it, thankyou. Will you swop a copy with me?

It starred Peter Finch, Susan Hayward and Diane Cilento. Some scenes were shot in the Isle of Man as well.


There is another film shot in New Brighton (Wirral) and Liverpool called "The Magnet". This starred a young Edward Fox and was made in 1950. Not a very good film but very interesting as I was born the same year and knew the area very well.

..........yes, we have this, and another 200 films, waiting to go on site

Alan wishes
John Tunstill